Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Formula 1 getting messed up!

I have fallen into liking the formula 1 sports since the 2007 season, that is since Louis Hamilton took the motoring world by suprise. He didn't win that year but he did a pretty good job of it and eventually won the trophy last year.
However, since the whole recession and every industry including formula one getting affected, it does not seem that this sport is ever going to be the same again. This year's season so far as been highly unexpected with the unknown and unfavourable Braun team of Richard Branson's dominating the podium. Ferraris and Mclarens are no where to be seen as a result of the FIA introducing new rules and regulations into the sports. Are we not getting to see the true colours of the teams and their drivers now that the technical regulations have been evened out? I reckon, we are seeing drivers and teams in their true form now with the new regulations. So much so, the FIA has set a financial cap for each team of $60 million for the 2010 season. This has really freaked out Ferrari and therefore they have decided to boycott the 2010 season. Damn! Ferrari, the team that has dominated formula 1 for the past 60 years all of a sudden boycotting a whole season is surely showing its true colours. Why don't they just get on with the FIA's new rules and put in some real hard work for once rather than spending lavishly for the high end components that gives them the edge. Now that all teams are alike, it will truly be each team's individiual efforts and innovative techniques that will establish them as a champion.
Go Button!

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