Thursday, 14 May 2009

Why us, the class of 09?

Over the past years, what have graduating students being looking forward to? The day they graduate along with having the feeling that they are going to start their career and start making a bit of dosh. Not the case with the class of 09. We are looking forward to our graduation but at the same time have got that hollow feeling in our stomach knowing a job has not been secured as should be the case.
All this thanks to a bunch of unconsiderate bankers caring less about the world around them and focussing a lot more on their pockets.
For us, all those bright hopes of getting a shiny new car, getting our hands on some nice accessories or dipping of somewhere nice for a holiday are SHATTERED! And the people responsible for this continue to sip on their martinis claiming more and more bonuses.
If you actually look at it, this is literally the worst year to graduate from a university since the last recession. How bloody unlucky is that? And it gets worse.
This recession as the analysts predict will slow down by the end of '09 and eventually get back on track by '10. So what are we graduates supposed to do during this time? I hope they seriously do let us know what we ought to do, otherwise by the time this recession is finished the next batch of eager graduates will be coming out the doors timing it perfectly with the end of the recession. Therefore, they will take over the crown of being "eager beavers" for that year as they are the recent graduates and us the old ones will be forgotten along with our
"eager beavers" crown as we get mixed into this collousal failure from now till next year.
We can use all the prayers that you guys can deliever!

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