Friday, 15 May 2009

Student shooter to graduate officially!

This is an another indication of what the US courts are coming down to. A young criminal gets away with manslaughter with no jail sentence along with being given the free card to complete his graduation. In contrast, the victim, also a graduating student at the prestigious Morehouse College gets hospitalised due to three deadly shots and will end up missing graduation himself. This victim also being the same individual who witnessed the passing away of his father three months prior to the shooting. So while the victim goes through a roller coaster of emotions from the death of his beloved to getting shot, the criminal freely wanders back into the college.

What kind of justice is this? People really need to question this generous plea deal made by the prosecutor based on whom the judge passed the sentence. Sure the sentence also included six years of probation, a $1000 fine and 240 hours of community services but these light sentences are exactly the kind of actions that further embolden other individuals with similar mindsets to carry out violent acts.
People do side with this generous sentence stating that another lost young teenager is allowed back onto his feet but is this sentence really justifiable in a nation that is already deeply scarred by educational institutions shootouts? To me, it is taking a step back. No matter what, fair justice needs to be applied.
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