Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Google Chrome

I just recently installed Google's new long awaited browser Google Chrome and I have to say it is awesome. My laptop's already got Internet Explorer 8, the Mozilla Firefox 3 and now Chrome. Chrome easily stands out from the lot in terms of sleek design and functionality.
It incorporates almost all the features that are present in Explorer 8 and a lot more than dry ol' Firefox. Using it gives you that feel of using a really light weight software. I think pages in Chrome actually load just a bit faster as well than Explorer or Firefox. The best thing about it is its search feature which is integrated within the address bar. So, the address bar and the search engine are one, absolutely great. The bookmark features is also really good and easy to use, just by a click of the star.
There are some drawbacks as they are to all newly launced products and obviously the main one being of compatibility. While using it with Facebook and, I noticed that I can't really use the features of the sites in a manner I used to before.
Still, Chrome clearly stands out from the rest and I recommend it to everyone.

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