Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Other way around

We have all heard of people's attempts to better their bodies from fatty to sexy, no doubt. However, I ain't never heard of somebody purposely going the other way around. Yes, going from an extensively cut-up model's body to a large couch potato. Why on earth would somebody want to send all those months of hard training in the gym down the drain?
Well, meet Paul "PJ" James, a 32 year old "former" model who started indulging himself into junk food at a rapid rate so that he could understand his fat clients better. What? How the heck is he going to understand them better. It easily becomes quite obvious beforehand when you have a Mickey D, its clearly addictive. But I guess PJ just had to try it out himself. Look at the end result. 12.5 to 20 stones.
And now the worst bit, PJ is now so hooked up onto the kebabs, fry-ups, choclate milk that he has completely given up exercising as it's really hard for him to get back onto the treadmill. The addiction has taken him over completely by surprise.
Anyways, we wish him the best of luck.

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