Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Google StreetView busted, by z Germans!

Google once again is facing critisicm for its new StreetView product. This product allows the user to view major streets of major cities from a 3D point of view and is an addition to Google's existing Maps product.
I checked it out myself for a couple of streets in London and I got to say it was amazing, it's like your right there, except your not. So this way I get to go to some nice places, can't wait till they map Tahiti or something.
Anyways, StreetView's Gantt chart has taken Google to Germany at the current moment where it's German data protection officials are making it hell for Google. They are threatening to slap a not so outstanding amount of €100,000, or $136,000 onto Google if it does not carry out the mapping in accordance with the country's privacy laws which I got to say are really strict. A German citizen currently holds the right of preventing anybody taking his or his property's pictures without prior consent. Well, one would say that it's the same in major Western countries. However from what I have understood German laws are lot stricter, you all are welcome to dig into the legislation if you like to.
Funnily, enough some residents in Kiel, a Baltic sea city have pasted stickers on their windows warning Google to not film them. Extreme I say, German's aren’t letting go of their privacy that easily. In contrast, a lot of people here in UK just don't give a shit which I guess is ignorant in some cases.
Unfortunate for Google, it is all to well accustomed to these issues as it just recently confronted the Japanese government for the same reasons. Worse though, Japanese public had to pay the price as in one incident a woman filed for divorce upon seeing her husband's parked car outside another women's house and another incident which just simply showed a woman throwing up. Damn, that divorce one is quite something, people just got to take it easy and take technology a little bit less lightly at times, using that to cite divorce is kinda pathetic according to me.
Still, Google will press on to make sure it gets the whole world mapped except SWAT I'm guessing with the current BS that's going on there. But, we wish Google the best of luck for another truly innovative product. Also, you guys should check out Google's new browser "Chrome". It's been a long wait but it is excellent. http://www.google.com/chrome

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  1. But why the hell do we need this?? And yes, this is totally anti-privacity. If we are already unfree because we're always being observed by satelites, then this gets me absolutelly upset. It's sickening the way people always to want to be into other ones' lives.
    Where's our freedom?