Monday, 18 May 2009

Shady's back

Disappeared from the spotlight for 4 years, Eminem has just made a recent comeback. He just made an album promoting appearence on British TV show "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross".

Is it just me or did he look really dopped out in that show? With eyes wide open and body language not its usual self does reflect some sort of change in Marshall. Well, looking at the fact that he was in rehab for quite some time getting over his drug addictions problems could be a factor. Nonetheless, we are all glad that rap's main man is back in good form and getting his act right. His new single "We Made You" is giving him a good base to launch his new album "Relapse" from. However, this album has been critisiced for being too intense, stark and psychological dependent. Only time will tell how his fans will get on it. I'm guessing that he will do just fine, just have a look at his previous albums that have all had similar attributes for being largely different to the rap genre and have all turned out to be great hits.
No doubt about it then, Slim Shady is back on top form.
Check out the Jonathan Ross show on BBC's IPlayer.

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