Monday, 18 May 2009

No Brainer

13 year old Kumar from Minnesota has just graduated from his community college alongside his classmates who are 10 years older than him in the US. Funnily enough, after this college graduation he will actually be starting his high school. He managed to obtain his community college degree while attending his elementary school during the day and college during the night.
Another recent media sensation, a 2 year old girl was dubbed Britain's brainiest child with an IQ of 156. In an interview by ITN, she managed to deliever answers to general knowledge questions asked by the ITN reporter without putting any effort.
Numerous other cases are surfacing of these extra ordinary league of children which is very very fascinating. Before you know it, these youngsters will be making a serious mark in the community they live in from an early age itself. Another indication of how rapidly the world is changing.
I guess we can clearly see the evolution human brains have made over the past century by looking at the syllabus of schools and how they have increased in content over the years. This most probably have enforced this early development of the human brain and is continuing to do so.
Hopefully, they ain't going cause any problems to us unemployed graduates because they ain't no jobs out there. Ha!

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