Sunday, 17 May 2009

Russia still flexing its muscles

Russia's long-awaited national security strategy that guides Russia on its foreign military policies was released this week. It highlighted concerns about the diminishing supplies of oil and natural gas worldwide. According to the Russians, the lack of these valuable supplies is going to result in 'violent competition' among countries for obtaining these resources. This will take place in the Middle East, the Barents Sea and the Caspian Sea.

The strategy paper clearly stated that Russia would fight to claim its share of the world resources. The statement that undoubtedly stuck out the most was "In the face of competition for resources, the use of military force to solve emerging problems cannot be excluded,". Here we go, Russia is again on the prowl for some sort of conflict. I'm guessing Georgia did not satisfy its war craving. This released strategy paper is to guide Russia's policy development and implementation until 2020, scary.
What strikes me as interesting is that, head of Russia President Dmitri Medvedev managed to squeeze in this statement saying "If you look at what was formulated concerning Arctic strategy last year and you look at this paper, it looks as if the government position has changed and become more moderate,". Moderate? In what sense? were they planning to use some other type of force to obtain their half of resources prior to this paper's release?
Russia, Russia, always looking for trouble. Be at peace people and get on with your lives.

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